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Head scarf at London Fashion Week

Nonamu L

Posted on February 24 2016

Yesterday sees the departure of London Fashion Week 2016. As always, it starts from New York, then London followed by Milan and Paris. London has earned its reputation for creativity and modernity with this years show portraying sensuality and femininity with bright colours. 

Mary Katrantzou's show was the highlight, filled with cowboy inspiration and her signature colourful prints. We adore the head scarf styling and it's jacket / skirt combination.

Mary Katrantzou AW16

 Girl wearing scarf - Mary Katrantzou's AW16 show

Head Scarf Tutorial

Inspired by the talented Mary Katrantzou, here's a tutorial of how to wear a head scarf as an accessory, to protect your head from the cold or to hide away the bad hair day. 

Head scarf tutorial

Fold the square scarf in half, into a triangle. Then place over head. Pull the two ends towards the back and tie a knot or bow. Simple.

Was the tutorial easy? Do follow us on Instagram @nonamulondon and show us your way of tying the scarf by tagging us. Have a great day!

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