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About Us

NONAMU is a London-based accessories label founded by award-winning Malaysian designer. She infuses femininity and fun into every design details. The brand aims to create a story of the quintessential fusion between the tradition she grew up with, and modern lifestyle. British made with care and exceptional quality, Nonamu represents luxury.


Be wrapped in history

Our scarves keep a unique history alive through contemporary design. Inspired by the centuries-old Baba Nyonya culture of Malaysia, we bring a fresh twist to the intense colours, vivid contrasts and immaculate craftsmanship of this nearly forgotten world. It is wearable art, designed to set you apart.   

Discover Baba Nyonya

Baba Nyonya is a faded but unique culture that once thrived in distinct parts of Malaysia. It fuses Chinese and Malay customs, languages, cuisine and design creating an exotic cocktail of colour and ornate beauty. Nonamu is ensuring Baba Nyonya’s preservation, giving it a new energy through contemporary design.

Discover more about Baba Nyonya here.

Founder’s story

Ai Pheng lives and breathes Baba Nyonyan culture because she grew up surrounded by it in Penang.  As a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, and one of two Malaysian states known for its Baba Nyonya heritage, Penang still offers a fascinating glimpse into this unique time.  

She brings a genuine passion for preserving a world of colour, craft and history that was slowly slipping away. It also weaves authentic heritage into every scarf.

As an award winning designer, the most recent and prestigious being the Red Dot Design Award, Ai Pheng is bringing Baba Nyonya to you by fusing the traditional with the modern. It’s the perfect tribute to a culture born out of embracing new experiences and ideas.


Behind the name

Nonamu translates as ‘Your Nyonya’. When you purchase one of our items you own a piece of Baba Nyonya heritage. It’s our aim to share this beautiful and faded culture with the world. 

  • Nona = Nyonya
  • Mu = you
  • Nonamu = your Nyonya


Behind the logo

Our logo is inspired by the Koi fish, which symbolises courage, perseverance, good fortune, ambition and success. Its importance in Far Eastern culture comes from the Chinese legend of the Dragon Gate.

The legend tells of a Koi fish overcoming many hurdles to reach the ‘Dragon Gate’ at the top of a great mountain. Once there he is transformed into a dragon, one of the most revered symbols in the Far East. It teaches that with courage and perseverance anything is possible. It’s the perfect symbol for our own Nonamu adventure.